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Commonwealth Assisted Living

Visit Commonwealth Assisted Living Website - http://www.commonwealthal.com/

Commonwealth Assisted Living, based in Charlottesville Virginia with 12 facilities in Virginia, has chosen VBWebSites for their website initiatives since 2005. Over the years we have not only designed their website but were additionally contracted to monitor, develop and manage online marketing campaigns. This long relationship has allowed our team at VBWebSites to gain major insight into the assisted living industry which helped to unfold many new ideas of enhancements for Commonwealth Assisted Living.

In December 2010, we were hired again to redesign and develop their new web presence and come up with additional areas to enhance their website:

  • Commonwealth Stories, highlights 1 of over 700 residents each month which will be a great enhancement to the site not only for users researching but for search engine optimization as well.
  • "Stay in Touch" email marketing, keeping family members and friends alike up to date with upcoming events based on one of the 12 properties that their loved ones or friends are residing at.
  • Our Copywriter called and interviewed each of the twelve property managers to devise and enhance new content for each community.
  • Social Media Integrations Development
  • Community Events – Tied into individual communities and email marketing reminder services
  • Custom Google Mapping Technologies
  • And much more

"VBWebSites does a Great Job, Look No Further!" Richard Brewer, President & CEO, Commonwealth Assisted Living

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