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E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a powerful tool for your company to stay in touch with your customers. Whether you sell products or services, staying in touch with your customers plays an important factor in seeing repeat customers as well as promoting your business.

Our E-Mail marketing Services consist of, but not limited to:

  • Email Template Design and Implementation
  • Email Deployment
  • Data Migration to E-Mail marketing companies
  • Integrations and Advanced Development Integrations
  • Advanced Tracking Analytics
  • Automation

For successful e-mail marketing, it's a must to use a third party to deploy emails. Third Party's ensure a higher rate of deliverability, detailed tracking that will tell you who clicked what within the email, who and how many users opened and much more detailed statistics and data that will undoubtedly create for better performance.

VBWebSites has partnered with the leading third party e-mail management companies. VBWebSites is 1 of about 50 company's in the world listed as an Expert with MailChimp and the only company in Virginia to achieve this expert status. Also, Take a look at ConstantContact and contact us for help in your e-mail marketing initiatives. Sign up for our mailing list.

Mailchimp is our favorite E-Mail Marketing partner that continues to evolve and has some incredible features. Free for up to 1000 contacts then monthly packages.
Constant Contact was one of the first platforms we partnered with and is easy to use and has great tracking tools. Unlimited sends with monthly fees.
Vertical Response offers pay as you go plans and monthly plans with an easy to use interface and statistics generation.
Some of our clients that benefit from E-Mail Marketing
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