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Magento is rapidly becoming the leader in online shopping cart platforms that can be setup at an affordable price. Magento is a perfect fit for the company that sells physical or virtual items. We have developed shopping carts within magento that range from 1 product to 100,000 products. If your company needs a designer or programmer for your magento shopping cart, look no further.

Take a look at the videos below to dig deeper into the functionality of Magento Shopping And owner Experiences.

For companies that sell to their state via ARIBA network, we have developed a punchout catalog module that integrates within Magento's framework that interacts and procure's orders to State Purchasing. For more information on Procurement, visit EVA - Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution or ask your state purchasing entity if they use ARIBA for Procurement also referred to as CXML or PunchOut Catalog. Take a look at Punchout Catalog for Magento.

Some of our clients that benefit from Magento Commerce
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