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VBWebSites is a small yet driven team of web industry professionals that stay on top of the ever evolving web. When your company requires close personal attention to your web efforts, trust our team to give you the attention you deserve.

Brady Behrman

Brady was raised in Virginia Beach and began tinkering with the web while attending Fork Union Military Academy in the 90's and started VBWebSites in 2001. Known as a pioneer in web development he is always up for a challenge. Brady currently serves on the Board for the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in small business development. Brady and his wife Terri have two daughters who are huge Justin Bieber fans. Go Figure...

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Shawn McKnight

Shawn was raised in Falls Church just outside of Washington DC and began experimenting with programming while earning his Bachelors in Mass Communications from Muhlenberg College of Pennsylvania in 1998. Following his childhood love for skiing and snowboarding, Shawn somehow managed to end up in Wyoming and began working as a programmer for a web design company in Jackson, Wyoming.  Shawn now lives in Cape Charles, VA and continues to develop the unexpected,  always looking at and developing better ways of handling web elements. Shawn and his wife Julie have one daughter and two sons who at the moment do not even know who Justin Bieber is. Lucky Guy!

How Brady and Shawn joined forces...

Brady and his family moved to Cape Charles, Virginia in June of 2007. One Friday night a month later while having a cocktail and gazing at the stars with his wife, they noticed a large Uhaul coming down the road. They watched the Uhaul back into the house two doors down and unfortunately made it's way in to a ditch. Brady walked over to offer assistance and later asked the new neighbor what he did for a living. Shawn said "I am a web developer". Brady said, "You're kidding, I own a web design company". About 6 months later after much talk, they did their first project together. Now, 5 years later they have developed countless web sites and have become the dynamic duo. Ironic story and what an absolute blessing it was for these two creative minds to come together.

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